Welcome to my family history site.

This website has been compiled partly for my own use, and that of my family, but also for the benefit of anyone else researching any overlapping histories. During my own online research I have found other blogs and websites incredibly useful, so I wanted to share this information for the benefit of others.

My intention is to include information from both Cumbria and some parts of Scotland. I wouldn't be a proper Borderer otherwise now would I!

I will update various pages when I discover new information. Labels can be used to switch to filtered posts, and there is also a search facility.

A GoogleEarth .kmz file, with some locations mentioned on this website, can be downloaded from here. (requires GoogleEarth)

I would welcome anyone who would like to get in touch regarding anything on this site to email me at

Suzanne Forster, Carlisle, Cumbria, 2010

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Latest Update : Routledge at Tallentire, 7/2/2010